September 2011

Post image for Meatless Monday – Quick Tomato Sauce and Pappardelle

As opposed to the patient and sophisticated deep bass notes of a long simmered sauce, this sauce is brassy, loud and fresh as nineteen-year-old sailor on his first shore leave after three months at sea.

Add a handful of pungent basil fresh from the garden, a sprig of oregano and a couple cloves of garlic roughly chopped and you have the makings of a quickly prepared, brightly flavored weeknight meal.

Pickled Jalapenos

by David Offutt

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The Jalapenos have mostly ripened all at once. I can’t use them all fresh and I do love pickled Jalapenos, so that’s what I did, canning three pints. These should be nice bright spicy accents in a few weeks. I tend to eat them right out of the jar, but they are good additions to other [...]

Post image for Update on the garden – Plans for expansion

It’s almost mid September and I’m already looking ahead to next year. This year I had 2 @ 4′x7′ and 2@ 2′x8′ Squarefoot garden beds, 3 Growboxes and a few buckets that my wife AKA “The Student” grew. After visiting a few other gardens,  and getting a year of SFG under my belt I’m already planning to expand. It [...]