May 2010

Garden Color

by David Offutt

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Right about now everything is going great guns. The roses are popping and all else is coming into bloom. Here are the pics from tonight: The foxglove is blooming. Gotta like the Lupine! And lastly the peonies. The supports have done their job. The plants are upright, even though we had a heavy rain. Until [...]

As previously mentioned, my company, along with our sister company performed our social day cleaning up the grounds of a worthy organization. However since it is already posted on the company intranet, I will let that article speak for itself. Deutsche Börse Group holds first Social Day in Chicago 05/26/2010 Nine staff members participated in [...]

I came home to see this! These are so beautiful! And lastly, the last of the lettuce harvest. Looks like the Rose Party will be this weekend. Until Later.

Sunny Saturday

by David Offutt

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It was a grubby day weeding, taking down the hoop house, and general maintenance. Hot and sweaty, but with a cool beverage I bring you this update. The hoop house came down. It served its purpose well. Time to harvest the lettuce and plant our tiny “kitchen garden.” The irises are in full swing. I [...]

Today was setting up the rain barrel  system. A full 8 hours work, so I am tired and sunburned but pleased. First we repurposed some old gutters. Next we  figured out how to assemble three barrels together but that will fill and drain evenly. The idea was a manifold connecting them and filling from the [...]

We’ve needed rain for some time, and boy oh boy have we had it! So without further ceremony, here we go. A lovely early clematis, blooming for the first time this year. I love the irises. They are a favorite of mine. The bachelor button keep spreading. Remember the ferns just a couple of weeks [...]

So today is a quickie post, back to the home garden. Been planning a rain barrel for a few years without executing. Finally got around to it. First level the spot as best I can – pea gravel and cinder blocks. Next, remove the old down spout                 [...]